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However, neither of these weapons can necessarily kill Buddy Boris. The main goal is to collect six supplies needed by Buddy Boris from different floors and bring them back to the safehouse. A lone wolf struggles to survive the inky abyss of Joey Drew Studios in this top-down survival horror. Waiting in the Elevator Throughout the quests, Buddy Boris will wait inside of the elevator as Henry travels to the various floors to do tasks for Twisted Alice. Next to the chest in the safehouse, there is a bone. Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders Henry comes to and goes on a mission to save Boris from Twisted Alice, despite her mocking him for his efforts and teasing him about what she will do to the wolf. If enemies are nearby, he will cower in fear until they are taken away or defeated. Maybe next time!! Boris borrows Henry's flashlight and crawls through an air vent to unlock it from the other side.

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The elevator crashes on Level S and knocks Henry out. This image was removed upon Chapter 3's release and it can be still found within the game files. As of now, it is unknown who voiced Boris. However, the only times he is heard speaking are from the "Haunted Hijinx" cartoon short, where he shouts "BOO!

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The words "Do we have a wolf in sheep's clothing? He demands that whoever is there show themselves, leading to Boris stepping out from the shadows. Out of Twitter characters for this post!

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Once Piper has vanquished, Henry managed to pull the other lever along with Buddy Boris activating the first one together, opening the door to the next location. He will now make a move where he jumps instead of the dash. He demands that whoever is there show themselves, leading to Boris stepping out from the shadows.

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Buddy Boris does not feel afraid in darkness from the dark corridors in Chapter 3's first release before Chapter 4 comes out. Once the two reach level nine, they find a series of gutted clones of Boris, all killed by Twisted Alice to help rebuild herself. If striking Buddy Boris with any weapons, he will receive "ink splat effects" similar to fighting monsters. Henry can pick up this bone and give it to Buddy Boris, which will cause Buddy Boris to walk around with the bone in his mouth. December 2, In Chapter 2: The Old Song , after narrowly escaping from Ink Bendy just after escaping Sammy 's clutches, Henry enters the S3 vault and notices a can of Bacon Soup roll from around the corner out of view. If you are far away, he will come dashing at your direction.

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On Level 9, when the pair enters the flooded warehouse, Buddy Boris discovers a nearly identical copy of himself near the entrance, strapped down to a table and cut open, just like the one Henry found in the main studio. Chapter 3: Rise and Fall Henry teams up with Boris and, after making the wolf a bowl of bacon soup, the two head out into the dark hallways. The fact that Boris plays the clarinet shown from his "Sheep Songs!

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When he does the jump and coughes, hit him with the pipe again. The "Buddy Boris Railway" ride, one of the mentioned rides for Bendy Land , is named after the character. This is why it's important to hear when he will make the dash.

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