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Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Kobold' has a long flowering period from June to September. You can sow them in the spring, but they may not flower the first year. Gaillardia Fanfare is a new compact variety with large red flowers that fade to yellow at the unusual flared tips. Sow half-hardy annuals indoors in February-March. Support tall varieties with twiggy sticks. Gaillardia 'Tokajer' has fading orange flowers with a brown, button-like center. Beberapa spesiesnya dapat tumbuh sampai 91 cm. Good upright habit. Habit: Bushy.

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Taking Care of Gaillardia Dead-head to encourage a succession of flowers and feed every few weeks with a general fertilizer. Single, double or semi-double forms are available. Related Topics. Sow half-hardy annuals indoors in February-March.

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Prolific bloomer. Good drought tolerance. Height 1.

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Hopefully, you will have enough natural predators around to keep them in check. The ladies were impressed by the elegance of some of the musketeers. Alternatively, propagate perennials by root cuttings in winter or early spring. Flowers: Bright daisy like blooms, in shades of red, orange and yellow, often bicolour.

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Available from Gardening Direct. Mature clumps of perennials can be divided early spring. Support tall varieties with twiggy sticks. Good for coastal gardens. Plant Groups. Blanket flowers do well with other heat-loving plants that thrive in full sun. Genus: Gaillardia Gaillardia adalah jenis tanaman berbunga dari keluarga bunga Matahari Asteraceae atau Compositae yang menyerupai tanaman daisy dengan warna bunga kuning atau merah.

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Calidad de perfecto. Que atrae. Gallardia gana la voluntad. Gracia del Gallardia, palabras o acciones. Mujer bella. Gallardja de las cosas que nos hace amarlas y provoca deleite. Esta propiedad existe en Galllardia Gallardia y en las obras que delicadeza f.

Finura, atención Gallardia miramiento exquisito hacia las personas o cosas. Ternura, suavidad. Delicadeza, buena Gallardia. Epoca oscura, cortesía.


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Simple lance shaped, mid-green, leaves. Height 18in 45cm. They will not recover and the disease can continue to spread. Height and spread: 2ft 60cm.

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The blanket flower can handle some partial shade, particularly in hot climates, but they will get a bit floppy and will not flower as profusely. Tanaman gaillardia berasal dari Amerika Serikat bagian barat dan tengah. The cultivar Lorenziana Double Mixed is a mix of cream, yellow, orange, crimson and multi-coloured blooms.

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